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Collaborative Robotics Technologies


Human-Robot Interaction

AI/Machine Learning



Deep learning models for industrial applications

Sensing and Imaging


Force and Images processing for robots

Mechatronics Designs


Industrial automation for electronics, wood, etc.

We are enthusiastic in investigating collaborative robot technologies, by integrating AI, machine learning, sensing, and imaging.  Many of the developed technologies from us are ready or prototyping to the industry or market. 

​Welcome any academic or industrial collaborations/projects.

We are recruiting prospective domestic/international students who are interested in robotic automation and Deep/Machine learning. For qualified students, we offer competitive scholarships and summer internship in companies (高額獎學金與企業實習機會). Please contact Prof. Hsien-I Lin ASAP. 



*Recruitment of 2023 Fall master's and doctoral students working on robot collaboration, unmanned autonomous robots, digital twins, manufacturing carbon reduction, and biomedical imaging automation.

2022 Latest Technologies

1_one-page DM_20221020_v1.jpg
1029_深智 _DM2159無人自走車.jpg


本書提供無人自走車初階與高階實驗範例與程式,讓讀者可以按部就班的在家操作並經歷實現自走車的成就感。本書利用 MATLAB® 及 ROS2 的軟體整合,並使用 TurtleBot3 自走車套件來引領讀者輕鬆實現「路徑導航 (Navigation)」、「避障 (Obstacle Avoidance)」、「同步定位與地圖建構 (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, SLAM)」。對於需要進行專題實驗的學生或是工作上有需要的社會人士,本書將是不可或缺的一本參考書籍。

Lunch Party
實驗室為鼓勵成員彼此合作,培養良好學習環境,不定期舉辦小型 Party,不僅讓國內生與國際生能了解彼此文化,更能促進彼此感情。

2022 Lab Intro ​

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