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Digital Signal Processing​
DELTA MOOCX Free Online Course

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In this course, unconstrained optimization problems, linear programming, and nonlinear constrained optimization problems are presented. Mathematical derivations and MATLAB simulations are used to analyze and obtain the solutions to these problems. For unconstrained optimization problems, one- dimensional search, gradient, Newton’s, conjugate direction, quasi-Newton methods are presented. For linear programming problems, simplex method is introduced. Last, Lagrange and Karush-Kuhn-Tucker multipliers are presented for solving nonlinear constrained optimization problems.


This course consists of lectures on the theory of robotics. In the beginning of this course, kinematics, differential motions, and dynamics are reviewed. Also, trajectory planning and motion control. Last, actuators and sensors are mentioned.

智慧機器人學 Intelligent Robotics​
ITRI College + Non-free course

Machine Learning​

Understand the application of Python programming language in machine learning, as well as the theoretical background of machine learning, assess how to use appropriate algorithms in practical examples, content includes regression analysis in data prediction, data dimensionality reduction methods in data feature extraction, data classification methods including support vectors Machine and neural network-like methods. The course mainly cooperates with Python examples to enhance students' understanding of machine learning related knowledge and enhance their competitiveness in the information processing era.

Neural Network​

Introduction, layer perceptron, backpropagation network, learning vector quantization, self-organizing map, hopfield neural network, and applications.

Deep Learning​

Introduction to AI, Python, Tensorflow, CNN, ResNet, RNN and LSTM, RCNN, Fast-CNN & Faster-CNN, Yolo, object detection competition, Autoencoder, VAE, and GAN . 

Logic Design​
introduction to Number Systems and Conversion, Number Systems and Conversion, Karnaugh Maps, Quine-McCluskey Method, Multi-Level Gate Circuits NAND and NOR Gates, Multiplexers, Decoders, and Programmable Logic Devices, Latches and Flip-Flops, Analysis of Clocked Sequential Circuits, etc.
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